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Silk Tips

  1. Do not wash the Silk Sarees. Only DRY CLEANING to be used.
  2. Before storing, wrap each silks sarees with cotton cloth separately.
  3. Do not overlap silk sarees one over other.
  4. Do not store over metals / metal hanger.
  5. At least once in 6 month, dry wash and store for unused sarees.
  6. Keep the sarees away from sun light and heat during storing.
  7. Store in a cool and dry place.
  8. Avoid direct heat during iron and keep mild heat.
  9. Before storing, do not iron the sarees.
  10. Use naphthalene balls to keep the insects away.
  11. Monthly once sarees to be refold [not same fold] and store.
  12. Do not allow the sarees to wet in rain.